honeybee cap sealPast & Present - The Names & Varieties of Mead in History

Acan Native Mexican Mead
Acerglyn made with honey and maple syrup
Black Mead Mead made with black currants
Bracket Good ale mixed with honey or drink made form honey and grain – the link between mead and ale
Braggot Mead made malted grain (barley)
Brochet or Bouchet Dehydrate honey by boiling, then dilute it (burnt-sack mead), carmelized honey
Capsicumel Mead made with hot or mild peppers
Clarre/Clarree (french) or
Pyment/Pigment (english)
Middle Ages – red wine and honey (some spiced)
Conditum Mulsum aged rather than being served with fresh honey. May have spices as well
Cyser or Ciser Mead made with apple juice & honey – bouquet of sherry
Czworniak Polish mead made with 3 parts water, 1 part honey
Dandaghare Nepalese mead made with Himilayan herbs & spices
Dwojniak Polish mead made from equal parts honey & water
Great Mead Any mead made with the intention of being aged over several years
Gverc Croatian variety of Mead
Hippocras similar to Clarre (sugar in place of honey), herbs added to make it medicinal
Hydromel light or Low abv mead
Mead Honey wine, bouquet similar to french whites – Moselles and drier Sauternes
Medica Slovenian or Croatian mead
Medovina Eastern European mead; Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Bosnian
Medovukha Eastern Slavic mead
Melomel similar to pyment, made with fruit other than grapes
Melomeli Roman – Honey & Fruit juice wine
Metheglin mead must and gruits (herbs and spices) or spiced mead
Metheglin Brandy  
Metheglin spices “well burnt” ginger, lemon juice, cinnamon, cloves, mace, nutmeg, well bruised juniper berries, jamaica pepper, sweet briar, rosemary...
Miodomel Polish – Mead flavored with hops
Morat Mulberry juice and honey
Mulled Mead Mead that is heated, frequently spices are added.
Mulsum Roman dessert/aperitif of fresh honey, wine and water (4 wine to 1 honey)
Muscadine Mead Made with Muscadine wine
Myritis Roman – Honey, old wine & myrtle berries
Omphacomel A mead made with Verjuice (the juice of unripened grapes)
Oxymel Mead with wine vinegar
Pitarilla Mayan Mead made with Balche tree bark
Poltorak Polish mead made from 2 parts water, 1 part honey
Pyment Greek/Roman – Honey added to grape wines to fortify
Raspberry Sack Mead Poland – juice of raspberries and honey fermented together
Rhodomel an ancient Grecian mead flavored with roses
Sack–Mead Full bodied strong and sweet to dry, made from a greater strength of honey, similar to Hungarian sweet wines “Imperial Tokay”
Sack–Metheglin stronger, sweeter metheglin, similar to Vermouth wines
Saragossa Wine Pyment variant – 1qt wine w/ a sprig of rue, a handful of fennel roots and 3lbs honey
Short Mead A quick fermenting mead. Ale like.
Show Mead A plain or true mead
Sima Finnish mead with lemon
Soma Yellow plant juice, milk, barley meal, & honey (preceded mead – sacred, brought immortality)
Tej Ethiopian mead
White Hippocras cinnamon, refined sugar and white wine

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