honeybee cap sealFrequently Ask Questions

Are Sky River's Meads and Honey Wine Kosher?
     Yes, and this is our Kosher Certificate.

Is Mead Beer or Wine?
     The short answer is neither. For a more detailed answer see "Mead –Beer or Wine?" .

Why does the color of mead vary so much?
     The color of mead varies according the color of honey used to create the mead. Mead ranges from almost clear to a medium amber color if heat is not used in the process. If heat is used; as in a Brochet mead, it can be quite dark in color. If fruit, flowers or spices are used the color change accordingly; from dark purples, bright red, pale pinks, the skies the limit.

What kind of grapes do you use?
     We generally don't use grapes. A true Mead consists of honey, yeast & water. We do occasionally produce a Pyment which is a wine made from grapes and honey. That is currently the only exception.

Where are your vineyards?
     As there are no grapes in Mead we have no vineyard.

Where are your bees?
     The majority of our honey comes from Skagit County. All of Sky River's honey comes from Washington beekeeper's.

Where did the idea for Mead come from?
     Mead is most well known as a Celtic or Norse tradition but evidence of Mead or honey wine has been found worldwide in every geographical area with native honey bees. The oldest fermented honey beverages currently know to archeologist dates back to 7000BCE in China and Etheopia

Are minors aloud in the tasting room?
     Yes provided they are considerate of other guests.

Are dogs welcome in the tasting room?
     Yes, please be aware there are friendly resident dogs as well. Please keep pets leashed and clean up after them.

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